Randazzo: la Vara and the "Pupi" Museum

Randazzo a town full of pristine Medieval architecture

Randazzo, a town full of pristine Medieval architecture, in spite of the ravages of World War II. The town centre is an outstanding military fortress with walls, towers and an orderly network of streets designed by Lombard artisans who arrived in Randazzo after the Norman invasion in the XII century. In keeping with tradition, the town is divided into three neighbourhoods, which sorround the three main churches, Latina Sant Maria, Greca San Nicola and Lombarda San Martino. Romantic and Gothic architecture intertwine; Renaissance and Baroque styles overlap without overpowering each other. Lava stone is the prevalent building material. Nearly everywhere there are glimpses of Catalonian architecture from 1200-1300 A.D.

La Vara

Pupi Museum

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